Working Papers:

“Technical Change and Gender Wage Inequality: Long-Run Effects from India’s Green Revolution”

“Experimenting with Adaptation: Insights from Games with Cambodian Farmers”


Selected Publications:

Recent Weather Fluctuations and Agricultural Yields: Implications for Climate Change.” 2016. Agricultural Economics, 47 (S1), 159.171. (with Wolfram Schlenker)

The Business of Distributed Solar Power: A Comparative Case Study of Centralized Charging Stations and Solar Microgrids.” 2016. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment, 5, 640-648. (with Peter D. Lund and Johannes Urpelainen)

Socio-Economic Determinants of Charcoal Expenditure in Tanzania: Evidence from Panel Data.” 2015. Energy Economics, 49, 472-481. (with Johannes Urpelainen and Alice Xu)

Using Satellites to Make Index Insurance Scalable: Final IRI Report to the UN ILO Microinsurance Innovation Facility.” 2014. (with Radost Stanimirova, Helen Greatrex, Rahel Diro, Geoff McCarney, Jessica Sharoff, Bristol Mann, Marshall Rogers-Martinez, Sarah Blakeley, Christopher Small, Pietro Ceccato, Tufa Dinku, Daniel E. Osgood)

Sewing Climate-Resilient Seeds: Implementing Climate Change Adaptation Best Practices in Rural Cambodia.” 2011. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, 16 (6), 699-720. (with Benjamin K. Sovacool)


Work in Progress:

“Human Productivity in a Warmer World: The Impact of Climate Change on the Global Workforce” (with Rachel Baker, Tamma Carleton, Timothy Foreman, Michael Greenstone, Solomon Hsiang, Andrew Hultgren, Amir Jina, Matthew Pecenco, and Ashwin Rode)

“Short- and Long-Run Effects of Factory Farms: Evidence from the US” (with Eyal Frank)

“Indian Crop Yield Responsiveness to Weather Shocks and Modeling Decisions” (with Esha Zaveri)

“Financing Against Failure: Costs and Consequences of Monsoon Anomalies”

“Food Price Shocks and Household Decision-Making”


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  1. Hey Anthony,
    I’m really interested in a piece of research you did with Benjamin Sovacool and Jain Bambawale, “The Socio-Technical Barriers to Solar Home Systems (SHS) in Papua New Guinea.” I work for a international development NGO and I’d love to talk with you about possible applications of the study / study methodology in Papua Province, Indonesia.

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