image A post from several years back contained the bounding box coordinates of all US states and has been one of the more viewed pages on this site. Unfortunately, if your area of interest is below the state-level, these bounding boxes may only get you part of the way to your destination. Why waste time expanding a geographic search to areas beyond your narrow AOI?

If you’re running county-level analyses and need the latitude and longitude bounding box endpoints, then this is the table for you. These values were generated using the TIGER/Line 2021 shapefiles based on Census 2020 geographies, which you can grab from the Census FTP site.

Need to construct bounding boxes for some geometry collection of your choice? This sf/tidyverse chunk might be a good start:

us.counties <- st_read("tl_2021_us_county.shp", stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
bb.rbind.sf <- split(us.counties, 1:nrow(us.counties)) %>%
                map( ~ st_bbox(.x) %>%
                st_as_sfc() %>%
                as_tibble()) %>%
      "rbind", . ) %>%