Bounding Boxes for All US States

Sometimes you come across an API that requires bounding box coordinates to subset your query, but which doesn't offer an interactive map to actually create one and extract those min/max values. No fear, here are the extents of each US state and territory in NAD83 coordinates using the 2017 US Census 1:500,000 shapefile. To … Continue reading Bounding Boxes for All US States

A Better ZIP5-County Crosswalk

I use a healthcare expenditure dataset with observations geographically coded at the 5-digit zipcode level, but I'd also like to know which county an observation 'belongs' to. Maybe I want to cluster standard errors by county, or control for county-specific trends. You'd imagine this would be straightforward, but I haven't yet found a government crosswalk … Continue reading A Better ZIP5-County Crosswalk