A new project I’ve spent much of the summer on examines labor allocation decisions in India.  The dataset we’re using refers to NCO68 occupation codes, without providing code labels.  I’ve scraped what seems to be a reliable PDF with comprehensive 3-digit NCO codes and converted it to a spreadsheet for easy use in Stata or any other statistical analysis program.  You can find it in the Resources section and it includes 3-digit codes, occupation title, and 1-digit primary codes as separate columns.

5 thoughts on “NCO 1968 Occupation Codes

  1. Randomly found this page while googling “NCO 68 codes”. I’m also using a database on India that uses this classification and I was wondering what it was.
    Thank you Anthony!

  2. Glad I was able to help, Golvine! The NCO codes were updated I believe sometime in the 1990s, but any reference to them would be labeled NCO98 or the year for which that update was conducted. Best, Anthony

  3. Hi,
    I wish to work on NCO 68 codes as well as NCO 2004 codes. Your list is very helpful. But could you help me find the division names (1 digit code names) for NCO-68.
    Details for NCO 2004 are available at all levels.

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