Keeps your eyes open for this upcoming conference which looks to be very interesting, building upon previous meetings of the Dialogue Forum Low Carbon Society, a consortium of primarily German and other European NGOs, research centers, and companies.

Dialogue Forum Low Carbon Society
Dialogue Forum Low Carbon Society

International Approaches to Product Carbon Footprinting and Carbon Labelling.
The Road Ahead for Business.

For the very first time, the key players in Carbon Footprinting and Labelling meet 26/27 February in Berlin to discuss:
– Carbon Footprints – Where is the common ground?
– How does the future of GHG reporting to customers look like?
– What should companies do until a common international standard exists?
– Carbon Labelling – market or policy driven?

Already confirmed speakers from:
– ADEME, France
– The Carbon Disclosure Project, UK
– Climate Conservancy, USA
– defra, UK
– DG Environment, European Commission
– krav, Sweden
– New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Footprint Strategy, New Zealand
– PCF Pilot Project, Germany

The early bird registration special expires on January 26th, so get in touch with the good folks at Thema1 asap to secure the discounted price.

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